Our Story

TechMill was formed in 2014 by individuals working independently to improve and grow the local technology and startup community in Denton. Our group ranged from Silicon Valley veterans, seasoned entrepreneurs, startup community organizers, and university students.

By going together, we’re able to go farther and push boundries that no other group has done before in Denton. At the core of our organization lies a “give first” mentality that puts community ahead all else. We support the local entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses through educational workshops, networking events, and creative mixers to bring the tech and startup community together as one.

Denton’s startup community has seen explosive growth recently, setting the stage for unprecedented interest in our city for building startups. TechMill is a non-profit group assembled by members of the community with a common goal: make Denton the best place to start an independent, creative, bootstrapped tech business.

With it’s unique creative culture, major universities, and independent businesses, Denton has the potential to be the most unique startup city in North Texas. TechMill was founded to help Denton realize this potential. We are building, organizing, and advocating the Denton startup scene.


As a registered 501(c)(3), your donations towards TechMill and our initiatives are tax-deductible, and all profits are directly re-invested back into our community engagements and events. Our organization is 100% volunteer led, with our core board serving as primary actors and executors of our mission.

Below you will find our IRS designation letter and W9 form for reference.